Sustainable Fashion

Why is Sustainable Fashion Important & Why Are We Doing It?

Helping the environment has been an ongoing trend for years now. With the threats our planet are facing, it is important to inform as many people as possible about how to work towards a more sustainable future/life. Sometimes that transition can be hard, so we’d like to make sustainable fashion more attainable.

At Cali Rae, we introduced sustainable and environmentally friendly fabrics to continue our journey towards a completely sustainable brand. Taking our love for the environment and love for fashion, our independent boutique brand was born. 

With Cali Rae swimsuits, you can enjoy your beautiful beaches, oceans, and environment whilst helping it at the same time. Our swimsuits are made of 84% recycled polyester and 16% spandex – which is created from recycled plastic - to create your new favourite swimwear. Our sustainable manufacturer, Repreve, has made plastic bottles into an amazing fibre that made our environmentally friendly dreams come true.

Why does sustainable fashion exist? Why is fashion something that should be sustainable? & Why is this shift in the fashion industry so important?

Well, most clothing is made using energy that causes pollution in the atmosphere. In fact, the fashion industry is the world’s 2 largest polluter! So just because you’re recycling, choosing organic foods, or catching public transport – just getting dressed in the morning, may be your biggest contributing factor to our polluted atmosphere.

According to Global News, «the average T-shirt uses 400-600 gallons of water to produce (that’s equivalent to 8-10 full bathtubs); a pair of jeans use 1,800 gallons of water (that’s about 6,800 one-litre bottles); the fashion industry uses 1,600 chemicals in their dyeing processes, only one per cent of which have been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency; &a T-shirt can travel up to 3,500 km before it lands on a consumer’s back. 

These are some of the factors that drove Cali Rae into existence. We wanted to create a swimwear line that isn’t only flattering, on trend & timeless, but inexpensive, does not negatively effect our beautiful world & helps to clear plastic from our environment.

Look good & smell good whilst enjoying the sun this summer!

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