When it comes to fashion, what looks good isn’t always good for the planet. So how do you stay current in a rapidly growing fashion industry?

You take materials that have already been produced & put out into our ecosystem & redevelop them into timeless eye catching swimwear!

People’s love of velvet and luxury has stuck with us through the decades, and is still used to make garments feel and look glamorous. Our inspiration was captured through a vision of the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s pop icons.

Nowadays, we see velvet in many different styles and forms, whether to help the trending 90’s revival, or line your nearest theatre’s seats.

Cali Rae has developed sustainable range’s of scented swimwear designed in Melbourne Australia, timeless pieces with cuts & colours to suit all. But we were looking to do something a little different with our newest collection, and were instantly drawn to bright candy like colours for a fun 2020 pop! A time travel if you will for the babes who love to disco like it’s 1990 or rollerskate into the new decade like it’s 1970!

With the environmental impacts of plastic becoming common knowledge and the issues with feathers following closely behind, you may be asking the question, well what can I wear? How can I have fabulous festive items whilst trying to keep the planet fabulous too? 

Hence introducing preloved velvet, a soft and shimmering fabric that – if bought responsibly – stands to take centre stage this season.

After sampling many colour variations to ensure there was something to suit all skin types, we ran with these three beautiful eye catching pantones - Fairy Floss, Bubblegum & Grape Zappo.

And yes, these swimsuits are scented and smell like the flavours above. Mind blown!

To finish things off, knowing how to maintain and clean your new soft glistening velvet garments is key, so we’ll give you directions for how to hand wash velvet garments safely.

Hand wash your velvet by filling a tub with lukewarm or cold water and a small amount of detergent. Swish your piece of velvet clothing through the sudsy water by using gentle movements of your hand. Do this until the item is clean. Avoid scrubbing or twisting the item, which can stretch or damage the fabric.

Most importantly - wear your sustainable fashion loud & proud!

Cali Rae x

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